UX Copy

I’ve written UX copy for fitness programs on Bodybuilding.com for clients including Optimum, NLA, and MuscleTech. I touched overviews on training, nutrition, and supplementation, encouraging users to train smart, eat clean, and take a “food first” approach to supplementation. At Fitbit, I’ve become a key UX writer for premium content, writing clear, compelling copy that drives brand strategy and echoes brand voice and tone. I’ve worked cross-functional with UX/UI product designers and engineers to ensure all touch points across the user fitness journey are as clear as possible for programs geared toward new runners and people looking to bump up their activity level (stay tuned for samples post launch).

“The Modern Phyisque” is an 11 video, 8-week trainer geared towards advanced athletes. For this program, I created UX overview pages that live in-app as well as daily copy that appeared on site and added in-depth instruction on both movements to improve endurance, power, and mobility and the nutrition that goes that goes along with it.


“Charlie Mike” isn’t a trainer for the faint of heart. With 4-5 60-minute workouts per week, it asks you to commit to a mission. Each week, UX copy echoed the overarching message of committing to your plan and adopting the military “continue mission” mantra to stay disciplined and forge ahead. The voice, language, and feel catered to NLA’s largely female demographic.

When it comes to training, the buddy system is best. UX copy for “Duel” honed in on the benefits of the partner aspect of training while providing a no-frills muscle building plan. The message tied back in with Bodybuilding.com's social network, BodySpace, by encouraging solo gym warriors to find a buddy on the platform.