Fitbit and Strava


Screenshot 2018-09-22 16.14.50.png

In June 2018, Fitbit teamed up with Strava, the leading social network for athletes, to bring users The Fitbit Sprint into Summer Challenge, a mileage-powered Strava challenge. The challenge played off the popularity and user enthusiasm for tackling Fitbit challenges and earning achievement badges

I wrote copy for the challenge, encouraging readers to lace up their sneakers, slather on some SPF, and run a total of 26.2 miles (42.2 km)—the distance of a marathon—in a week. Users were tasked with tackling the task and breaking up mileage in a way that worked best for them. The time peg was tied to summer solstice, the longest day of the year, so users had plenty of daylight available to make it happen. To opt in, they had to sign up for a Strava account on their Ionic device; once Fitbit and Strava accounts were talking, all mileage accrued during logged runs would automatically be added to users’ Strava account when synced with Fitbit.

To keep tabs on the competition, users were encourage to visit the The Fitbit Sprint into Summer Challenge page to see their stats, view the leader board, and chat with other participants. In addition to earning a digital fitness badge, users who went the distance got a referral code good for a free month of Fitbit Coach to stay active and get stronger. The challenge pulled in 38K participants.